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  • Jerilynn Gangwer

Poland Has My Heart! ❤️

Warsaw, Poland ~

Warszawa, Polska 🇵🇱

One of my favorite places to visit in Poland! I loved learning about the history, culture and walking around the city. My favorite was probably Warsaw Old Town and Old Town Market Place, which dates back to the 13th century and reconstructed after World War 2. It is a popular tourist spot lined with shops and restaurants. If you are there, definitely try some of the local foods. One of the pictures posted is of friends we met on the tour from England enjoying lunch in the Old Town.

There are many shops with a variety of merchandise and amber jewelry. I definitely found some great pieces at a store near Old Town called Marysienka.

Another favorite place to see was the Royal Castle Museum. The ornate rooms and gardens are beautiful to explore! After sightseeing, make sure to sample a local treat! I found the soft serve ice cream was delicious and richer/sweeter than American soft serve.

I also visited the Ghetto Heroes Monument, commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 and Lazienki Park.

I definitely too too many pictures here to post them all, so I will share a highlight of some of them. My Cosmos travel friends will know why Warsaw was one of my favorite places to visit!! 😊 I hope to get the chance to go back soon!!! 🇵🇱

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