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  • Jerilynn Gangwer

Frankfurt/Römerberg- Zweiter Teil (Part 2)

You know when you all these ideas of places you want to see and things you want to do while on vacation or traveling? Well those plans ended up getting scratched. Normally, I would see and do all I could while visiting another country. However, there was still a 14 day bus tour and 6 or 7other countries to see. The decision was made that we didn't want to be exhausted before the bus tour. So, we explored more of what Frankfurt had to offer. The weather in July was beautiful and sunny. We went back to Römerberg. I like taking photography of doors, windows, colorful or ornate buildings. I thought this door on the The Römer was interesting and cool to capture.

The Römer is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is one of the city's most important landmarks. The Römer is located by the Old St. Nicholas church and has been the city hall of Frankfurt for over 600 years.

We walked along the river Main. The Schaumainkai Flea Market was going on. There are tables and tables of items being sold, just as in any flea market. The flea market is usually held every other Saturday. We also walked across the Eiserner Steg Iron Footbridge. It is also known as the Locks of Love Bridge for all of the padlocks everywhere.

After walking across the bridge, we toured the church (that can be seen in the bridge picture). The church is Three Kings Church at the Iron Bridge. I love older churches that are ornate or unique inside.

Of course, we also had to do some shopping! I enjoy collecting a Christmas ornament from every destination that I go to. Ornaments are a good souvenir and usually easy to pack or carry around. If I buy a class or ceramic one, the stores usually are able to bubble wrap the ornaments and put it in a box.

Some of the other places we went to are MyZeil, which is a shopping center in Frankfurt. This is probably one of the most unique buildings that I have been to with extraordinary architecture. It is made of glass and contains over 8 floors. It also has a 42-metre Expressway, Europe’s longest unsupported indoor escalator. MyZeil was built with a transparent outer shell that lets in a lot of natural sunlight. It is definitely worth checking out!

We also were able to check out the Kleinmarkthalle. This is a huge market where you can buy local foods, flowers, produce, and so much more. A definite must see, if you are in Frankfurt. One of the key items when I look for hotels is the location to the center of town and attractions. The Steigenberger, was a perfect location. It was close to everything and we were able to walk to all of the attractions and stores within a 10-15 minute walk.

Finally, we took in some of the local museums in Frankfurt. We checked out the Historisches Museum Frankfurt. This museum is right in Römerberg.

The museum is the red building behind the church. It contains the history of Frankfurt, including World War II.

We fit a lot into our few days in Frankfurt. I'm glad that we were able to enjoy and see different parts of the city. In addition, we weren't exhausted when it was time to join our tour group.

Thanks for reading & more adventures and cities to come!!

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